Bismillah al rahman al rahim | Islamic art | Muslim art
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Bismillah al rahman al rahim | Islamic art | Muslim art | (32×36 Inches)

$ 140.00


Bismillah al rahman al rahim

quran bismillah


The Arabic phrase shown above is pronounced as  Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim, and is a beautifully poetic phrase which offers both deep insight and brilliant inspiration. It has often been said that the phrase Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim contains the true essence of the entire Qur’an, as well as the true essence of all religions.

Muslims often say this phrase when embarking on any significant endeavor, and the phrase is considered by some to be a major pillar of Islam. This expression is so magnificent and so concise that all but one chapter of the Qur’an begins with the words Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim.

The common translation:

“In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate”.

fails to capture either the true depth of meaning or the inspirational message of this beautiful phrase. So, let’s look deeper into the meaning of these wonderful words.


There are powers in The words “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim” By beginning with the words Bismillah which means it shows the great Name which means “In the holy names of God” to follow in the next word Rahman and Rahim which means refers to the attributes of God the Beneficent and the Most Merciful. With the full meaning of “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim” is “In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.” Mean when we analyze the sentence is not the slightest negative word and everything contained in this sentence contains a positive sentence.



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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 96.02 × 4 × 66.04 cm
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