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About Us

For the love of art & Allah

Art Land is one of the very few retailers of unique international calligraphy and abstract art.

In a strategic shift, I’ve closed the doors of my beloved gallery to embark on a new journey, bringing the beauty of Islamic hand-painted art directly to you. Whether you’re in Toronto or anywhere globally, you can now explore and purchase these exquisite pieces through my website. This transition allows for a more personalized and convenient experience, where you can browse through a curated selection of art that transcends cultural boundaries. From the vibrant strokes of calligraphy to the harmonious blend of colors, each piece is a testament to the rich heritage of Islamic art. Join me in this online venture, where art lovers and seekers of spiritual elegance can seamlessly connect with the timeless beauty of Islamic hand-painted masterpieces. Your journey into the world of art and spirituality begins here.


For five enriching years, my Islamic art gallery in Markham, Ontario, stood as a sanctuary of divine creativity. Having recently closed its doors, I find myself immersed in the profound journey of painting what I love, when inspiration strikes, and offering these cherished pieces online.

My canvases tell stories of faith, serenity, and the intricate beauty of Islamic art. The blessed individuals touched by these creations have not merely acquired art; they’ve embraced a piece of spirituality that transcends generations. Each stroke carries the whispers of devotion, making every painting a timeless legacy.

Now, as I indulge in the joy of spontaneous creation, I invite you to explore this collection. These are not mere paintings; they are windows into moments of inspiration, reflections of divine connection. By acquiring one, you don’t just purchase art; you invest in a piece of spiritual heritage that will be cherished for a lifetime and passed down through the tapestry of generations. Join me in this journey of artistic exploration, and let the essence of Islamic art adorn your space with a legacy of divine inspiration. Your acquisition will not be just a purchase; it will be a testament to a shared journey of appreciating the beauty that transcends time.

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