Panjtan Pak | Islamic Art Toronto | Shia Islamic Art |
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Panjtan Pak | Islamic Art Toronto | Shia Islamic Art |

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The Five Holy Peoples (Panjtan Pak) in the Universe

Panjtan Pak | Islamic Art Toronto | Shia Islamic Art |

Panjtan Pak are the greatest peoples in this universe. that are the

1- Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH)
2- Hazrat ALI (RA) { Husband of Bibi FATIMA (RA) }
3- Bibi FATIMA (RA) { Daughter of Prophet MUMAMMAD (PBUH) }
4- Imam HASSAN (RA) { Son of Hazrat ALI (RA) and Bibi FATIMA (RA) }
5- Imam HUSSAIN (RA) { Son of Hazrat ALI (RA) and Bibi FATIMA (RA) }

The Panj Tan Paak are the Five Purified Ones of the Prophet’s family who attained this status by many incidences that took place during the Prophet’s life. These historical events are not only supported by verses revealed in the Holy Quran, but also from the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, referred to as the Hadith. Not only are these the main sources of the information, but the life and culture of every Muslim, be he from Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Africa, Iran, or the West, abounds with veneration to these five exalted beings.






This is a 24×36 Inches canvas

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Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 63 × 5 × 46 cm
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