Loh e Qurani | Islamic Art Toronto Canada | Muslim Art | Arabic Art Toronto
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Loh e Qurani | Islamic Art Toronto Canada | Muslim Art | Arabic Art Toronto | (24×24 Inches)

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Loh e Qurani | Islamic Art Toronto Canada | Muslim Art | Arabic Art Toronto |


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What is Loh e-Qurani:

The Loh e Qurani consists of 29 letters (Arabic Alphabet), just in case if ‘Hamza’ and ‘Alif’ are considered as two separate letters. And there are 29 chapters in the Holy Quran.

The concealed benefits of Loh-e-Qurani.

I have not found any strong recommendation regarding the benefits of Lohe-Qurani. Whereas, still the disjointed letter found in The Noble Quran must have some or the other benefits.

Even I used to recite these disjointed letters of The Noble Quran every day.

Very commonly known around the culture and across the nations, some of the benefits of Lohe Qurani are:

  1. The one who sees lohe Qurani in the morning will never get a failure in his task during the entire day.
  2. The one who sees lohe Qurani in the morning will always get a success and guidance.
  3. The one who recites the disjointed letters of lohe Qurani will get abundance in rizk.
  4. Recite the disjointed letters of lohe Qurani in the morning with 11 times Durood Shareef in the starting and in the end. The one who does this every day his home will be safeguarded. The home will never be harmed and face calamity, Insha ALLAH.

Use of Loh-e-Quran:

These 29 Arabic alphabets is in the 29 chapters. By chapters, I mean the surahs of the Holy Quran.

In the chapters of the Quran, these abbreviated alphabets/letters are prefixed to them.

But, how?

Sometimes these letters (abbreviated) occur alone. However, they can occur also as a combination of two letters or maybe three letters. Sometimes, it can be four letters or even five.

No one knows the meaning of these words. There are certain explanations given by different scholars.

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